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Olathe Leadership Lowrider Bike Club

The Lowrider Bike Club does more than just build bikes – it's all about helping young people. With Erick Erazo leading the way, members not only make cool bikes but also become friends with mentors and learn about the cool history of Mexican American lowrider culture. This mix of art, friendship, and history is what the club is all about, giving students a chance to express themselves and be part of their community.

Each custom lowrider bike tells a story of hard work and success. Over time, the Olathe Leadership Lowrider Bike Club has seen lots of students discover new talents and overcome tough school stuff.

The Lowrider Bike Club is more than just a bike club – it's about helping kids grow, making friends, and being proud of where they come from. Thanks to Erick Erazo's good ideas, this club really helps high schoolers in Olathe.

These other parts of the club show how it helps young people in lots of different ways, not just by building bikes but also by making friends, learning about culture, and growing as individuals.

Learn more about them:

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