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Small Business Spotlight

Starting a business is tough, especially against big corporations. But here, we spotlight the real stories of local small businesses. Big companies might get a lot of attention, but we're shining a light on the local businesses that give our city its unique flavor. Check out the story behind small businesses in Kansas City and, hey, if you have a business or know someone who does, reach out to us on Instagram! We're all about supporting local businesses.


Do you realize that numerous organizations actively support individuals, particularly children, encouraging them to be more active and creative? On this blog series, we explore the impactful stories of non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering our community.

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Emprendiendo con el corazon

Being a solopreneur, handling every aspect of your business alone can be challenging. That's why, in this program, we empower solopreneurs with the essential skills to create their own social media strategy. Join us on a journey where we simplify the process, providing valuable insights and practical guidance to help you effectively navigate the digital landscape. 

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